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The Band Cruisin' was founded by lead singer and sax player Ron Howard in 1986. It's rare in this business to find a group that has been together for over 20 years. It's even rarer for a group to be as successful as Cruisin' .

That success can be attributed to five dedicated guys who have lived and breathed the music of Motown and classic rock-'n-roll, and who consistently perform the hits of the 50s through the 80s with a style, flair and sound second only to that of the original artists. 

If you ever have a chance to talk to Ron about the group and the success they've had over the years, he'll tell you it all revolves around a passion for the music. And it's this passion that provides the background for Cruisin's powerhouse performances. Ask anyone who has heard them at Put-In-Bay, Kelley's Island or anywhere in the 5-state area where they perform, and you'll be told that Ron Howard and the band Cruisin' are synonymous with  "great entertainment."

Cruisin' offer a repertoire ranging from pop to jazz, the Motown roots are very much present.   Present also is the sense you'll have when you first hear them that good things do indeed come in smaller packages.  Because above all, Ron's dedication to music, Ike's grammy-winning talent on the drums, and Dominic's mastery of the keyboard  make you instantly aware that the group Epitome is highly representative of great entertainment in true Ron Howard fashion.

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