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The Hesitations have been mezmorizing audiences in the Northeast Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Casinos, Resorts and Supper Clubs around the country.  In March of 2010 they performed for thousands of Fans in the UK. There are four singers and five musicians, they have the capability of adding more if needed.  They are capable of performing in any type of venue because of their wide variety of music, from R&B, Country, Gospel and Standards, along with many of their popular hits.  The harmony that this group presents is very unique and they have added a female vocalist to the group, Joyce Blakey, the wife of Art, which adds a whole new dimension to this already dynamic group.  Each member is capable of being a lead singer and they have put together a band that compliments their style, not to mention that each band member is a star in his own right.  The group consists of William Carter, George Hendricks, James Dotson, who has been replaced by Joyce Blakey because of illness and Art Blakey.  The band members are Garey Harbour,(Keyboards) Ric Kerr, (Guitar) David Dillard(Bass) Roger Maple on (Sax) and Ronnie Wilson, (Drums).  You will enjoy this group no matter what your choice of music is, if you like dancing or just like to sit back and enjoy the mellow sounds of  The Hesitations, you will not be disappointed.

Click here to listen to "The Hesitations" as they are highlighted on the WVIZ program Applause.

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"That's What Love Is" - LIVE
"She Won't Come Back" - LIVE




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