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Jackie LaPonza- "America's Got Talent Contestant"

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It is the sultry, edgy, unmistakable voice of its lead signer Jackie LaPonza that defines the group’s sound, but it is the combined charisma, talent and unforgettable live performance that sets the band JACKIE apart.

Cleveland, Ohio siblings Jackie, Matt and Mike LaPonza have been performing together since 1996. JACKIE is for fans of Evanescence, No Doubt, Pink, Paramore, Nickleback, Fly Leaf, and Green Day. While Jackie belts power ballads, Matt and Mike deliver the heavy-hitting drum sound. With the addition of accomplished guitarists’ Patrick Ols and Mike Donovan the group has found their sound: an engaging blend of alternative-rock, classic rock and dynamic melodies. Donovan brings the strong, low-end bass that builds complexity in the group’s sound while Ols’ big chords, urgent yet intricate guitar and incredible showmanship creates the group’s bigger-than-life music experience.

More than 80 regional performances a year and an ever-growing loyal audience have cemented the group as a fresh, young power rock band. So much so that in 2007, the band was signed as a Jagermeister-sponsored band. On stage, the band is amplified with energy, attitude and passion, leaving the crowd craving more. JACKIE’s explosive live performances get audiences hearts-pounding with special features: dueling drum solos, acrobatics and much more! “The stage is our home and with musical influences that span three decades, we believe our music is timeless,” Jackie comments.

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"House of Blues"


Jackie LaPonza
Jackie LaPonza


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