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The Jillettes

about the band

The Jillettes formed in 2006, getting together because of Woodsy's Music program called Weekend Warriors.  This program had the purpose of uniting musicians who possibly hadn't played in a while and were interested in getting together to make some music.  In other words, school of rock for old people.  Bill, Bob and Hal were somewhat cautious about a female drummer, but it wasn't long before they were willing to name the band after her.  When the program ended, the music and friendship lasted.  Gigs followed in places like Darby's in Cuyahoga Falls, Musica in Akron, a backyard party in Silver Lake, Kenyon College Reunions, and the Pink Pony on Mackinac Island, to name a few.  With Hal's departure in 09, the band expanded to include Ken and Anne.  So the dream lives on, and we hope those who listen to the music have as much fun as those who are playing it.

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