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about MARK & MARL

When is the last time you thought of a comedy juggler as an attractive entertainment option?

You might say, "Are you kidding me?" but that would be because you've never seen comedy juggler Mark Angelo and his wife Marlo work their magic!

We're talking fire, knives, and whips, oh MY!! But it ain't all cheap thrills, my friends. It's a Las Vegas-style production with glowing props, musical skills, and Mark and Marlo's own special brand of clean comedy - the glue that holds it all together - to supercharge audience members - young and old.

And the best part is that YOU get to be a part of it…literally.

Like the colorful sprinkles on a chocolate donut, this juggling show scatters delightful moments that employ impromptu assistants - "guest stars," if you will - to make it live, breathe, and JUMP.

Still not convinced? Just watch the video, already!

And while you do, keep in mind what so many people have said after seeing Comedy In High Definition®- "I never thought that juggling could be cool… until now!"

Learn more about comedy jugglers Mark and Marlo, and performing dog Mimzy.

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