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During The British Invasion of  the 60's few American groups were successful in their attempts to land a record at the top of the national charts.   The Reflections beat the odds with a string of highly acclaimed, top selling hits.  Their first hit,  "Just Like Romeo & Juliet" was a multi-million seller,  and in quick succession  The Reflections continued to dominate the charts with  "Shabby Little Hut",  "Poor Man's Son" and "Like Columbus Did".  The Reflections achieved success purely on the strength of  their well-crafted harmonies and cool professionalism.  It's no wonder that over four decades later  The Reflections are still heralded  as one of the finest vocal groups of  The Sixties Pop and Doo-Wop Music Era. They are still performing today to sold out shows and standing ovations throughout The U.S.A. and Canada.  The Reflections' name is proudly displayed on the wall of  The Cleveland Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

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