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The "Time Travel Show - A 50 Year History of Rock N Roll", is a show that will take you down memory lane starting all the way back to the swing era of the 1940's with a classic rockin' rendition of Glenn Miller's classic "In The Mood". The band focuses on all the different changes in rock n roll from the new sounds of artists like Chuck Berry in the 50's and even into the sounds of surf music featuring songs from The Beach Boys and The Ventures. Rock N Roll music started taking major turns in the 60's and the band covers everything in the 60's era from the British Invasion including hits from the Beatles, The Hollies and The Rolling Stones. Then things started getting psychedelic with songs like "Incents and Peppermints" from The Strawberry Alarm Clock and "Watchtower" from Jimi Hendrix. Folk music was becoming popular in the late 60's and so was a new sound out of Detroit Michigan called Motown. Retrovox performs it's tribute to Motown with songs like "My Girl", “Papa Was A Rolling Stone", and "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch".

When the 70's came along music changed adding horn sections and great harmonies and Retrovox has it all covered with hits from artists like Chicago and many more. The 70's was full of all kinds of surprises from the mid 70's came the Disco era and towards the end of the decade came Arena Rock. The band covers these era's with hits from groups like KC & The Sunshine Band, Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" and Arena Rock artists like Van Halen, Queen and more. In the early 80's a new media came along called MTV. Now with video in the mix groups like Billy Joel and many others become popular by releasing this new thing called a music video. This continued into the 90's with artists like Tom Petty. Retrovox has all 50 years covered in this fabulous musical journey through the history of rock n roll.

The show is a two hour show and is not only the music but is an educational experience with the band giving rock history lessons all along the way before each era of music. They even throw in a little humor and play some interesting TV Themes like "The Munsters", "Addams Family", and "Green Acres". Retrovox is so confident in their music ability they even play a game with the audience they call "Stump The Band". The band will pick several contestants out of the audience one at a time and the contestants pick a song and the band has to play a verse and chorus if the band can't perform it then the contestant wins a prize like a Retrovox CD or T-Shirt. But everyone’s a winner and it's whole lot of fun!

Retrovox is a self contained band including lights and a sound system so the Time Travel Show is very cost effective and is great for school fundraisers because the show is not only entertaining but also educational. When Retrovox does a school fundraiser they do a one hour show for the students as an assembly the afternoon of the show then the full show is performed that evening to the public. The band boosters or any booster club can sell tickets to raise money. It's a great way to raise money and the community will enjoy a great show! Hey it beats selling candy bars and is safer having local stores selling tickets instead of the students going door to door!

The Time Travel Show can be performed in any venue including fairs, festivals, theaters, corporate events, casinos, private parties and more.

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