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"Near You" is the first of what I hope will be many recordings by Jackie Warren, a fixture on the Cleveland jazz scene for going on 15 years. Mention Jackie to other musicians, and they'll rightfully say she rules. Bring her up to long-time fans and they'll recall grooving to her years ago at the Grog Shop, when she worked with the Afro-Cleveland Orchestra and jazz wasn't quite as marginalized as it is nowadays. To hear her is to fix on her, because Jackie Warren is a lover of the piano. She plays the instrument so well,it makes love back. Jackie can play everything from Domino to Jobim, from Berry to Bach. Her mom was her first teacher, and she was one of the only musical kids in Calhan, the tiny Colorado town where she was born. Jackie began playing when she was five, and by the time she was ten, knew she'd been born to sit at the keyboard.

She teaches classical and jazz piano and Latin jazz ensemble at the metro campus of Cuyahoga Community College. It seems those degrees - a bachelor's from Oberlin and a master's degree in classical piano from Cleveland State University - paid off, after all. Jackie also often works with Sammy DeLeon y su orquesta on weekends, displaying her mastery of merengue and salsa (one of her tags is "salsa queen").

Back to "Near You," Jackie's expression of what she learned at Oberlin from Sedmara Rutstein, who taught her how classical a notion of patience one needs to play the jazz ballad. "Near You" is Jackie returning the favor, teaching a lesson in how to pay attention. One track flows into the next, creating a seamless experience that could be dismissed as easy listening were it not so nourishing. By the time we get to the final track, we've taken a remarkable journey. You don't want "Near You," its nostalgia embroidered by Jackie's careful, right-hand runs, to end. Neither, it seems, does Jackie. This auspicious debut suggests that her piano playing will continue to resonate.

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Jackie Warren Pianist
Jackie Warren


"To hear her is to fix on her, because Jackie Warren is a lover of the piano. She plays the instrument so well, ot makes love back." ~Carlo Wolff

"Cleveland's first lady of jazz." ~Jason Bracelin, Cleveland Scene

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