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Arithmetickles is a one-of-a-kind, interactive, math show school assembly that involves students in the learning process. Many youngsters have difficulty identifying the connection between classroom math and their daily lives. This may cause them to view math as irrelevant, too difficult, or just plain boring. But Arithmetickles school assembly math shows shatter this notion with fun-filled math games that provide examples of how to use textbook math in everyday situations.

Through a skillful blending of audience participation, comedy, mime and theatrical effects, the fast-paced math games and skits in Arithmetickles school assemblies capture the attention of children in grades K-8. Age-appropriate material is set in a “kid-friendly” math show format of games, puzzles, scenarios and storytelling, affording students a chance to explore and resolve math problems creatively. By using elements of highly creative children’s theater and encouraging students to succeed on stage in front of their peers, Arithmetickles also helps increase overall confidence and self-esteem and demonstrates how cool math can be.

Original, thought provoking, and always spontaneous, Arithmetickles, a cultural arts, enrichment based, school assembly show, is designed to help students realize that math is nothing to be afraid of and that learning math (through math games) can be fun!

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"The host entertained and challenged the students in each assembly to think about math differently. One student is so turned on to the lateral thinking questions, that he has requested that we offer them each day! We would recommend Arithmetickles highly."
Chesapeake Academy, Head of School

"The presenter had a delightful sense of humor and the children enjoyed their afternoon learning to have fun using numbers and understanding basic math concepts. The host presented many clever ideas for teachers to use when teaching math to their students. The title of the show is perfect!" Principal, Hugh J Boyd Jr. Elem. School

"The host was excellent. The students and parents were enthusiastic and engaged for the entire presentation. The math content presented was done in a fun way and students talked about how much they enjoyed it for days after. Definitely a success! I am going to bring back Arithmetickles for next year and already recommended the program to other schools."
Math coach, Community School

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