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World touring entertainer Brent Webb has spent the last five years creating a stage show unlike any other. The culmination of his relentless dedication is “BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE”….. a show that generates a great deal of amazement, enthusiasm, and leaves an audience full of cheering spectators.

Since 1994, Webb has astounded audiences from Las Vegas to The Bahamas with his unique brand of “mind magic”. His performance is a mind-blowing repertoire of paranormal feats and unbelievable mental gymnastics. His uncanny ability to tap into the minds of his spectators has to be seen to be dis-believed!

This all new, fast paced stage show features the best moments and routines from his career, and the audience doesn’t just watch the show, they participate in the experience.

There are no secret assistants, hidden microphones, or covert electronics. In fact, Brent offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise. Brent combines his flair as an entertainer with the science of psychology and the untapped powers of the human mind to introduce you to a World where nothing is impossible!

What will the audience see during “BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE”? A master showman who defies logical explanation in a production that is unlike anything else on the stage today.

A heavy table rocks back and forth and floats in the air, minds are read, thoughts and actions are predicted, and your imagination is challenged in a dazzling display that will have even the most skeptical in the crowd believing in Webb’s abilities.

One phone number is selected from a phonebook of MILLIONS and from across the stage Brent predicts it. Thoughts such as addresses, family members, first loves, and more are revealed with breathtaking speed and unbelievable accuracy. Brent performs a dangerous and daring version of “Russian Roulette” with a razor sharp knife, and much, much more!

Not just an act, “BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE” is a theatrical event, with music, plot, and an ending that the audience will remember forever!

“BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE” is the perfect entertainment ensemble, and is perfect for hotels and casinos, theaters and performing arts centers, cruise lines, and more. The show is co-written and directed by Doug Bennett, who has worked with magicians Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone, and Siegfried and Roy, and a writer for the Emmy award winning TV specials of David Copperfield.

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"Great job. The crowd loves you!" ` ~ Don Rickles

"Just amazing." ~ Johnny Carson

"Brent's show was truly entertaining, especially for a group of high level executives. Brent's "magic of the mind" really made people think, and stretched the limits of their imaginations. HIGHLY recommended!" ~ Susan Wyant, TDG, INC

"Let me tell you..this guy is amazing. He just blows my mind!" ~ Stan Piatt, WNIR Radio

"When the heavy table rocks back and forth, and then leaves the floor to float in the can hear a pin drop. Brent is a natural born entertainer...." ~ The Akron
Beacon Journal

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