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Captain Max - World's First Magic Pirate


about captain max

Ever since Peter Pan, pirates and children have just naturally been drawn together. What could be more exciting than a colorful magic pirate at your next event?

Like a Pied Piper, Captain Max weaves a magical spell wherever he performs. From his platform stage performance entitled "Buccaneer Blast Off" to his strolling table side magic, the captain can be an all day experience or a surprise highlight during your outdoor or indoor program.

To learn more about Captain Max, contact Conn Entertainment at 216.849.3545.


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"You sir, are a professional, a pleasure to be associated with, and...highly recommendable." ~ William McCaskey, V.P. Human Resources Wilson Memorial Hospital

"I have received nothing but praise and wonderfull comments on your performance. There are not too many places you can find a magic pirate and one with a sense of humor."- Loreen Rote, H.R. Coordinator, Joy Technologies Inc.

"One of our goals was to keep the children happy and busy throughout the picnic. With you, that goal was very easy to reach. Not only did you entertain the children, you worked well with the adults too!." - Beth Baran, Picnic Committee Member, OCLC

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