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about Matt Jergens

Matt's blend of classy humor and top-notch skill brings life and energy to any event. He will have your audience laughing and cheering as he uses a variety of props to defy gravity in a way never before seen.

His fast paced routines choreographed to swing music and other nostalgic tunes will have your audience feeling like they are ready to dance. Also, two unsuspecting members of the crowd will get a chance to learn how to juggle, with a little help from Matt and some musical selections from "The Nutcracker." 

Of course, quickly becoming the crowd's favorite routine is the egg balance trick. This is where Matt balances a basket of eggs on a pole that extends 20 feet in the air! He then takes it a step further by juggling while doing this! Truly a sight to be seen.

Your audience will be on the edge of their seats as he finishes the show by riding around on his tall unicycle and, where appropriate, juggling razor sharp knives! So, if your looking for big laughs and spectacular stunts, let Matt Jergens make your event one to remember for years to come.

Details: This show is suitable for all ages. You can choose a show time frame of 5 minutes up to an hour, but the most common and optimal performance time is 45 minutes long (30 minutes for fest and fair shows). Matt can perform in a room with a minimum of 9 ft ceilings and a floor area of 10 ft x 10 ft. Of course, the more room the merrier, but most spaces are managable. When there is no flight involved, Matt can bring his own sound equipment (speakers, amp, and sound board). For outdoor events, where there is no electrical supply, Matt can bring a portable generator to power his equipment. 

2 Great Assembly Shows to Choose From:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Matt uses juggling as a catalyst to convey an environmental message about the balance between use and preservation. Students will learn about natural resources and why it's important to save them for future generations. The ideas of reducing, reusing, and recycling will be presented not only through Matt's amazing tricks, but also through plenty of audience participation. Some of the highlights include beanbag chair juggling, giant yo-yo manipulation, plate spinning, cereal box balancing, and a recycling game show. Many schools are now on recycling programs and this show is the perfect boost to get your students involved even further.

Just For Fun Show

This presentation works great as a reward to the students for demonstrating improved grades or attendance. It can also fit in perfectly with school carnival events or end of the year celebrations. In this fast-paced comedy act, Matt will have your students laughing and cheering as he uses a wide variety of props. Whether he is juggling a bowling ball or balancing a basket of eggs twenty feet in the air, your students won't believe their eyes. This is the same family friendly show that Matt has performed for over seventeen years at countless schools, festivals, theme parks, and even on cruise ships.

To learn more about Matt Jergens, contact Conn Entertainment at 216.849.3545.





"Tremont Elementary invited Matt to perform his "just for fun" juggling show at our schoole and he really connected with the kids. His impressive tricks captivated the students and teahers alike. Following the show, Matt involved the students even further in his hands-on workshops, which the kids throughly enjoyed. His equipment was well organized and age approriate. The children were able to practice juggling skills using beanbags, spinning plates, and more. After the workshops, many of the children stopped by my officve and thanked me for bringing Matt to our school.

Matt was a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as being both educational and entertaining." ~Dr. Maria Wilkes, Principal, Tremont Elementary School

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