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Proactive Anti Bullying School Program

Are you getting tired of mopping up the same behavioral problems over and over again?  Our focus is on behavioral solutions. Our proactive focus is on the behavior of the bystanders in bullying situations. 

Everyone is a bystander and that is why we focus on their behavior and educating them through character education on our complacent-complicity theory.

We have put together a school wide anti bullying school assemblies for all ages starting at the primary level to high school. Bullying is a community problem so we also offer keynote presentations for teachers, parents and the community at large.

Our team has integrated character education exercises that promotes kindness, communication, cooperation, and friendship and includes lessons and activities stressing empathy and conflict resolution skills for all students. Each school also receives our mentoring program, teacher tools, bullying surveys, tracking system and reporting systems to aid and educate students in speaking up.

Groups that may fund our anti bullying programs include: 

  • Municipal Alliances
  • Drug prevention groups
  • PTA and PTO groups
  • Health care providers 
  • School suppliers (e.g. insurance carrier, food services company, office supply company)
  • Hospitals and doctors' associations
  • Shopping mall merchant associations
  • Large local corporations
  • Individuals, parent groups and civic organizations

To learn more about the Proactive Anti Bullying School Program, contact Marty Conn Entertainment at 216.849.3545.






"Jim Jordan gave a thoroughly fantastic "Motivational Presentation" to our student body in two, 50 - minute assemblies. By using an interactive presentation style with the use of magic tricks, he was able to maintain the students' attention as he got his message across.
I would highly recommend this young man's presentation approach. You will not be disappointed." ~ Jim Mitchell

Just wanted to thank you very much for your terrific presentations at Kernahan Park yesterday. You are receiving rave reviews from both staff and, most importantly, the students. In my grade 11 class this morning, the students were still laughing about your shrinking head (and talking about the money!) - but even better, they were able to say the words: Respect, Responsibility and Integrity - and knew that it all built to trustworthiness and independence. Wow! I think they heard you.

My principal loved how you also tied so much of it to teachers and school.

I will be looking more carefully at the materials you gave me and will be presenting it to staff at our next staff meeting.

Thank you again for preparing and presenting such a dynamic performance with such an important message. ~ Martha Hunt, Co-op Department, Kernahan Park S.S.

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