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Described as “captivating”, “sheer entertainment”, “the elite of children’s performers”, “better than the Wiggles”, Suzanne Nicks and Sandie Thomson make up the “delicious” duo, The Smudge Fundaes! Canadian musicians, Suzanne and Sandie combine their talents, wit and 'kid-intuition' to deliver "smudge-ilicious" music for kids! The newest Smudge Fundaes CD, A Trunk O' Tunes,
is already another hit! Wayne DeSchover, Music Director of Max Trax Digital Music says about A Trunk O' Tunes: “it’s so refreshing to hear original children’s music that’s actually meant for kids!”

The Smudge Fundaes have 4 other highly acclaimed CDs that have garnered 7 international awards - 2 Parents' Choice, 2 iParenting Media and 3 Our Choice awards.

For television, The Smudge Fundaes conceived, produced, wrote and starred in 3 seasons of their own show, Classroom Crayons, featuring Ruby Red and Sunny Yellow. The reviews were fantastic and The Smudge Fundaes and Classroom Crayons won a 2008 TVCOGECO Star Award for the best mobile production in Ontario! Ruby and Sunny can be seen on FREE Video-On-Demand on TVCOGECO or purchased as the DVD, Classroom Crayons.

In the high-tech toy world, The Smudge Fundaes' music was selected among many children's music artists, to be pre-loaded into Smart-e-bear. Smart-e-bear™ is winning recognition as one of the best toys for toddlers and pre-schoolers! Already, Smart-e-bear™ has garnered an iParenting Media Award, a Nappa Gold award, a Dr. Toy Best Children’s Product Award and it’s been called a Top Ten Tech Toy!

The Smudge Fundaes Smudge-ilicious Variety Show is always a crowd pleaser, whether in conjunction with Treehouse TV’s Big Comfy Couch, Clifford, or Dora The Explorer. The Smudge Fundaes have performed at concerts, fairs and festivals across Canada and the U.S. for over 14 years.

The Smudge Fundaes are leaders and specialists in the area of educational, music-based assemblies for elementary school children. Their assemblies about tolerance, bullying, reading, writing, environment, health and safety have been seen and heard by thousands of students in hundreds of elementary schools in Canada and the United States. Educators say The Smudge Fundaes assemblies are “clear, direct and right out there!” and “fast-paced, groovin and absolutely on topic” and “the best presentation we have had at our school”.

As one happy fan said, “If you want to sweeten your life…try The Smudge Fundaes!

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"That was outstanding - relevant, fun and supports the work we are doing in school. _ C Stewart, Landsdowne School, Brantford, ON

Absolutely AWESOME! The kids enjoyed it and the adults even MORE!
Kim Wild, Sutton Elementary, Tecumseh, MI

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